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06/07/2010 - Grow work in progress images

Here are some screenshots showing an early version the procedural plant growing system that will be the focus of our next game, Grow.

Grow WIP 1

Grow WIP 2

Grow WIP 3

Grow WIP 4


18/05/2010 - Lamingtons Zero now available!

Lamingtons Zero is now available for purchase on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace for only 80 MS Points.

Download the trial or purchase the full game here.


28/04/2010 - Takaro Games on Facebook

Takaro Games now has its own Facebook page you can follow: Takaro Games


22/04/2010 - Lamingtons Zero

It's only a few days before our new XBox 360 game, Lamingtons Zero, is released on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace. At only 80 MS Points to purchase, there will be no excuse for not buying it!

In the meantime, I've put up a link to the trailer and some screenshots which I hope will convince you that your life will not be complete unless you've played this game. (Seriously, it's a fun game)

Lamingtons Zero


10/03/2010 - Chessticles!

Now available to download is Chessticles!, a free chess game for the PC that I wrote to get some C# practice. The AI player is dumb, just making random choices each move, but it's still quite amusing to watch, and you can play against another human if you actually want a challenge. I've included the complete source code so you can marvel at my shocking design decisions and cunning algorithms.

All feedback is appreciated.


I've modified the color scheme from the experimental yellow/black style back to the older blue/silver/white style. Hopefully people find this more pleasing to the eye!


The new website is up!

Welcome to Takaro, now dedicated to bringing you fun experiences via the XBox Live Indie Games platform. We're hard at work on our first couple of titles, and expect to see more information here as development progresses.

Information about our games in development (and eventually completed games!) can be found on the games page.

Tutorials and useful information related to XNA development will be posted on the XNA page.

If you're looking for our old Far Cry projects, the CryImporter and the Minigun mod, you can still find them available on the downloads page.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome!



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